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Pamela McGowan
Life In Prison

The Workout Barn

When I first arrived at FCI Dublin I pretty much stayed to myself, I was overwhelmed and intimidated! I get claustrophobic in the cell so I would come out to the day room early in the morning to read scriptures and have a little quiet…
Life In Prison

Friends In Low Places

It's been a good week at FCI Dublin, I finally got over my bronchitis:)  I tried a couple home remedies and started walking a couple miles a day to get oxygen into my lungs and finally feel so much better!  Yesterday Sue came home frustrated.…
Life In Prison

Goodbye Annie

This morning Karin and I walked our roommate Ann to the front gate to say goodbye.  Ann is a simple, sweet girl who Karin and I dubbed as little sister.  Although her life has been filled with trauma and pain she still has a very…
Life In Prison


There are things that go on in Federal Prison that are hard for me to tolerate, the bully/gang mentality is high on the list. Each day all the inmates are called to their rooms for count. It usually happens twice a day except on weekends…
Life In Prison

Missing Lake Powell

Favorite Place on Earth ... Lake Powell The last 2 weeks have been challenging for me. Chad and the kids went to Lake Powell with some incredible friends of ours and although I am extremely grateful they went, I really missed being with them and…
Life In Prison

What I Miss Most

It's been a pretty good week.  I finally received my garments and I'm so grateful to have them.   I miss my family so much!  I miss every detail of their faces.  CJ's laugh, Sadie's sassy attitude, Shelby's sweet and tender face, and her beautiful…
Life In Prison

Memorial Day Prison

My first Memorial Day in Federal Prison, like most days, started at 4:00 am.  My boss came back from training and asked me nicely if I would work in the kitchen for the holiday with little kindness and gratitude which goes along way with me…
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