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Peace in Your Heart

The days and weeks in prison are always the same, the routines have a routine. While my surroundings are constant my feelings, my spirituality, and my emotional well being all fluctuate greatly.  Some women come here and spend their time working out for that perfect…
Life In Prison

One More Day..

I ran into a woman on the compound a few days ago who was transferred from Dublin. She said, "I know who you are, you're that blogger lady from Dublin!" I said, "No, I'm the photographer lady from Waseca!" She said, "Weren't you transferred from…

A Decided Heart

I've really been struggling the last few weeks. I didn't want to write a blog post, but decided to write one anyway; I know how dangerous isolation can be. You have been my support, and I need to continue to stay connected. I ask you…
Life In Prison


Peaceful Conversations My children started school on Monday, and I was filled with a deep sense of sadness! the separation hurts more sometimes than others, and Monday was one of those times. Each time someone said hello to me on Monday I started to cry,…
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