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Life In Prison

Letter to Myself

We recently started a self forgiveness support group at the prison, and decided to write a letter to ourselves and share it with the group this week. The women in the group thought I should share the letter on my blog, so here it is:)…
Life In Prison

Beauty for Ashes

I talked to my lawyer yesterday, and got some really disappointing news.  On the 23rd of December (which is Chad's birthday) judge Shelby ruled not to grant me a hearing, and ruled against the petition to have my plea vacated.  My lawyer was kind enough…
Life In Prison

Christmas Miracle

Winter has arrived in Waseca, Minnesota. Would you believe that the temperatures gets down to 30 below zero and that the yard is closed?  The noise, and chaos inside a prison is often times overwhelming. Going outside has been a vital part of my mental…

Peace in Your Heart

The days and weeks in prison are always the same, the routines have a routine. While my surroundings are constant my feelings, my spirituality, and my emotional well being all fluctuate greatly.  Some women come here and spend their time working out for that perfect…
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