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Life In Prison

Choose Wisely

Recently I applied for a transfer to a prison camp.  After weighing the benefits of staying here, and praying about the decision, I decided that it was right for me to move on. I struggled mightily with the choice because I really love the women…
Life In Prison

In the Trenches

I quit my photography job last week and struggled with the decision.  It's one of my goals to live a balanced and orderly life, and I needed to change things to make that happen.  Each weekend women race to rec, and wait for hours to…
Life In Prison

Battle Cry

While waiting for lunch yesterday, a sweet black woman came up to me with a big smile on her face. She said: "I'm leaving here soon Portia, I'm going to a different prison to do a program that will get me some time off my…
Life In Prison

Mothers Day

When I came to prison I was overwhelmed by the circumstances I was in. The food was unhealthy; I could only talk on the phone to my family for 300 minutes a month, and the lack of privacy, along with strip searches, were degrading to…

My Story

I was asked to write a letter and share it in a class I'm in this week, and decided to share the letter with all of you. Learning about the impact our choices have on others, and how far reaching the consequences of those choices…
Life In Prison

Not Shrinking!

This morning I walked around the track and felt quite emotional as I thought back to all the things I've been through over the last 3 years. I said a simple prayer: "Father in Heaven, will you please walk with me, I feel alone today.…
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