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Life In Prison

Looking Back

Looking back I can see that I have met the right people, at exactly the right time in my life. My friend Rhonda Pendleton is one of those people. I knew that when we met that our bond was spiritual, that we were sisters, and…
Life In Prison

Free From the Inside

I don't write about the circumstances of living in prison much anymore. The more I work at having peace inside my heart, the less the circumstances seem to matter.  Upon arrival I was interested, and often shocked by the prison lifestyle.  Much of my time…
Life In Prison

Your Chance

Often when new inmates arrive here a few of them have found my blog while researching what to expect.  If there was one thing I could say to someone preparing to come here it would be this: "This is your chance!" This is your opportunity…
Life In Prison

The Same Team

We all have struggles, and many of mine have been by my own doing.  But that doesn't make them any less painful to overcome.  It used to seem like overcoming my mistakes was an impossible hill to climb. Having the support of so many good…
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