Month: May 2017

Life In Prison

In the Trenches

I quit my photography job last week and struggled with the decision.  It's one of my goals to live a balanced and orderly life, and I needed to change things to make that happen.  Each weekend women race to rec, and wait for hours to…
Life In Prison

Battle Cry

While waiting for lunch yesterday, a sweet black woman came up to me with a big smile on her face. She said: "I'm leaving here soon Portia, I'm going to a different prison to do a program that will get me some time off my…
Life In Prison

Mothers Day

When I came to prison I was overwhelmed by the circumstances I was in. The food was unhealthy; I could only talk on the phone to my family for 300 minutes a month, and the lack of privacy, along with strip searches, were degrading to…
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